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We know and understand that climate change is warming the planet and will be raising the temperatures of homes, offices and factories making working and living conditions more unbearable in the coming years. With 2015 the warmest year on record and 2016 set to be even warmer, it comes as no surprise that AC installation will increase.
Maintaining air conditioning in the offices of Fourways is certainly something that we’ve noticed an increase over the past two decades and the reason is computers. They generate a considerable amount of heat that needs to be called, and if not the temperature easily reaches 25c within a few hours.

Aircon Installation Fourways

Home Aircon Installation Fourways

For the home, an air conditioning unit that is wall mounted is the most popular for domestic use, they are easy to install and cause the least damage to existing walls during installation. They are able to provide both cooling and heating for the room.

Air Conditioning Systems

To have a complete air conditioning duct system installed will be the most costly solution to cooling and heating your home all year round. We recommend this option for those that are building a new house, simply because of the work involved in an existing building.

Home Air Conditioner Repair

For all air conditioning units that we install, there is a risk of a mechanical breakdown at some point in the life of the unit or system. We want all of our customers to feel that our services for repairing any faulty unit to be responsive and diligent.

Home Air Conditioning Maintenance

To keep down costs and to increase the probability of your home air con unit, or system running efficiently for a longer time it will have to be maintained regularly by our service teams. For a home air conditioning system, it is recommended to have at least a service once a year

Aircon Installation Pretoria

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