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Aircon Service For Your Peace of Mind

Your Air Conditioning system may be one of the most valuable purchases you make for your home. It is not only important to get the right heating and cooling system to suit your needs, but it is just as important to service and maintain your heating and cooling system.


We have a full team of qualified staff and technicians ready to assure you in getting the help you need (especially during peak season periods) when you require it the most.

If your air-conditioning is not properly maintained, you may void your manufacturer’s warranty and in the long run reduce the life of your valuable investment.

Guarantee your peace of mind for the lifetime of your investment with a range of ongoing maintenance packages customised to suit your system and budget.

Our system checks will include:

  • Cleaning of your air filters
  • Fan checks
  • Duct checks
  • Electrical checks
  • Mechanical checks
  • General maintenance checks

Don’t hesitate to call us at 011 070 9090 or email: for any air conditioning maintenance related inquiries or purchases.

Large Areas Aircon Service

We service and maintain evaporative cooling and refrigerated cooling systems for residential and commercial air conditioning Johannesburg. Both types are ducted, allowing cold air to flow throughout your home or building.

Evaporative air conditioning is cheap to install and run. In this type of air conditioning, cooling occurs via the natural evaporative cooling process. Warm air from outside the house is passed through moistened pads, lowering the air temperature. Evaporative air conditioning is very energy efficient, which means that you save money and the environment.

Refrigerated cooling offers maximum temperature variance and is easily integrated with a ducted heating system, be it gas or electric. Whilst evaporative cooling is limited by the ambient humidity, refrigerated cooling operates in all heat conditions.

Small Areas Aircon Service

Split system airconditioners are a great low-cost way to keep a room or small area comfortable throughout the year. With split system air conditioning, cooling and heating takes place in an outside unit, minimising noise and maintenance disruption.

Like evaporative cooling, many split systems include filters, making them well-suited to asthmatics and allergy sufferers. However, the large temperature variance of split systems is more comparable to that of refrigerated cooling.

Consult For Comfort

Whether you are looking to install a split system, evaporative air conditioning or refrigerated cooling, getting the unit size and type right is important. The wrong system will cost you more money in the long run, wearing itself out or consuming too much energy. We can guarantee that you will have no such problems with an Optima-installed system.

For installation and Aircon Service of residential and commercial air conditioning Gauteng wide, contact us today.

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